It’s not a name or a brand or a fb page.  It is a true thing.  It is a vision.  It is a creative calling.

Shamanic Oracle Art is a product and a process.  It is the blending and weaving result of my gifts and my sense-abilities.  It is the voice and expression of the Spirits in my world.

It is the Earth, Stars, Animal beings, Plants, Trees, Archetypes, Ancestors, Other Worldly Guides, Essences, Elements, Devas……It is where I feel deep connection to Life in the Universal.   My practice with Shamanic Oracle Art results in works of Art that speak right into the heart.

They are unfolding Medicine Stories.

They are Mirrors and Reflections.

They are feelings, they are Shadows, they are Pure Divine Light.

They are the existence of pure human emotion, spoken with color, texture, shadow and shape, sound and melodies that live in our hearts and in our bodies.

Whale Medicine Story 

As a psychic child I was open and vulnerable.  I didn’t always understand that the “messages” and feelings I was encountering were coming from all around me far and near.  Throughout my life I learned which “voices” or vibrational essences would help me and those that would hinder my growth, health, and ultimately my freedom.

The voices in Nature brought me Peace, Balance, a sense of embodied wholeness and a deep connection to the Laws of Universal Love.

That’s what comes through when I sing,  a story of Universal connectedness, how we are all woven together in the Stars.  Through my writing I have found it the place for lyric beauty, but also a place where I can safely access the Shadow.  And in my visual art what is evolving through  is a feeling of connectedness but also an energy of deep healing,  a  medicine story.  Sometimes it is Universal, or archetypal, often times acutely personal — unique and experiential.  That is where the “Creative Soul Portrait” resides.

There are beings all throughout the Universal Fabric communicating.  Their Life is their Art, is their Story.  And as I have unfolded into what I now recognize as my creative life purpose, I celebrate, exalt and communicate these stories that I feel, see and hear within my ability to receive and broadcast.

Salmon Woman canvas

Many humans at this time are acutely aware of the needs of the Planet for her human inhabitants to awaken and act with greater courage, personal and planetary responsibility, and compassionate awareness toward our symbiotic relationship with Earth.  Shamanic Oracle Art  ~ is these stories.

Salmon Woman Mask

The beings that are now coming forward in my paintings and masks are piercing the veil with an appeal that we as a people return to our remembering of when our ancestors lived in a more balanced stance with Nature. They are asking that we honor the cycles of giving and receiving, that we understand and live by a code of intrinsic value for all beings.  They are demonstrating the respect and appreciation for every unfolding Mystery in the Web of Life.

These are stories of Grace and passionate witness to life’s beauty, to the love that is present in every aspect of our DNA.  From the cave wall to the oceans droplets, the roots of ancients trees and the crystals in Earth’s womb, the blue prints of living in harmony with all of life are here, before us in the code of every being.

cave art medicine

These stories ignite the deep memory and nature of Life to heal and evolve itself, to grow, to create, to be LOVE.

Shamanic Oracle Art is my offering of whispering truth by the ancestors and descendants, of a Soul Medicine Story, created in the spirit of deep listening, honoring and supporting the life journey of Planet Earth.

 Blue Star Medicine Story

The blog here and is devoted to singing the stories of the artworks themselves, the insights they’ve brought, the revelations, and process of how the images asked to be embodied in the art.

I’m renaming my custom artwork:  Shamanic Medicine Stories ~ A Shamanic Oracle Art Journey on behalf of Planet Earth and all Sentient Beings.

What is Shamanic Oracle Art?

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  1. Kim

    It’s wonderful to read about your process and where your art comes from. And I loved where you said “These are stories of Grace and passionate witness to life’s beauty.” “Grace” is one of my big, sparkly, electric life words, so this gave me a thrill. I love seeing your work, too. All kinds of good stuff here!

  2. Deanna

    It is a gift to be able to bring forward the faces and messages of the spirit world, a gift you definitely have. Thank you for sharing the meaning behind your work and the messages. I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Jill Marie

    Such a beautiful, Divinely powerful gift you bring through that benefits all of Life. Thank you for being that Channel and sharing your journey with those that can feel the deep resonance of the Love and Light you birth into form with your Art and Music and other gifts.

  4. Indigene

    I just knew we were soul sisters! 🙂 This gave me even more insight to you and myself. I remember being in my 20s and being bombarded with so many feelings when I was in the midst of crowds; it made me afraid of crowds for years. It took me a long time (but with growth, psychic journeys and shamanic healings) to realize that I was feeling what others felt. I also realize its what made my Mom, an agoraphobic for years. I’m glad you’re sharing your journey, it will be so helpful to so many, who haven’t come into their own yet! Thanks for being a part of the tribe! 🙂

  5. Amy

    magnificent, soul-drenched, heart-opening imagery. thank you for letting us see your work. it has awakened something deep in me that’s been wanting to be seen for some time. gratitude.

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