Rooted Shaman Tree


In Soul Art®, we use Creative Arts to explore and express transformation, healing or Divination with your body and soul as primary guide.  Connecting with your Soul’s guidance and medicine offers a doorway into your own unique ways of expressing your creative spiritual wisdom.

Creating a piece of “Soul Art” with your body tracing and/or chakras as the map helps open up insights and healing, let’s your soul reveal its true medicine to you and guide you in that which you are seeking to heal, transform or create.

I provide a framework with guidelines and support for you to explore your intention with your soul’s guidance during the art making process.  We spend time over email, telephone or video chat, connecting during  your process to share insights and reflect on your intention, supporting you to create what you desire.

The complete bodymap Soul Art® shamanic journey intensive is an 8 week guided and self guided introspective and creative process.   This offering is intended for people at a distance.  If you would like an in person intensive please contact me to customize your shamanic creative intensive. My email is listed at the bottom of my Welcome page.  The cost for the entire journey is $1250.00

Contact me for a brief consult to see if Soul Art® is a journey you wish to make.


Shapeshifter Soul Art Certification

Why I Make Soul Art®

Soul Art connects me to the truth of who I am.  I can access the voice of my spirit.  I use it as a divination tool, to inform and enlighten.  It allows parts of me to speak without words, without the convolution of the mind.  I express from the depths and sacred spaces within my Soul.  I give voice to the Love that exists in the spaces in between what we think we know and go for pure feeling.

When I can hear the truth of my existence speaking to me, I move forward in confidence and clarity, creating the world around me as a pure reflection of the love within me.

I use Soul Art to clarify questions, to receive wisdom from the Source, give form to my desires, to remind me of who I really am in the world and use this as a compass for what I choose to create.



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