In this intensive, we journey extensively into each chakra individually, creating a full body of artwork,  taking your energetic body and creative expression to the next level of your expansion.

Experience each energy center and how it is expressing in your life.  Receive insights into the workings of your dynamic energy flow and act to create health, deepen manifesting ability, clearly define soul purpose and feel your unique powerful expression radiate in your body, your art and into the world.  Align your Chakras to harmonize the health of your physical embodiment and Creative Spiritual voice.

9 Chakras represented:  Foot, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Higher Self.  

Harmonize with the energies of embodied health and wealth, powerful creativity, confidence and mastery, love, clear expression, enhanced intuition, Divine joy and Vital Soul Essence.

Chakra Book of Knowledge web

We will clarify your intention for the journey, spend 2-4 weeks exploring and creating with each chakra, deepening vibrational awareness, expressing your true self.  You can use any art medium that inspires you.  

Some of the resources we will use to guide your Chakras Journey Intensive:

  • Shamanic Journeys /Meditations  
  • Written exercises
  • Sacred art making
  • Regular interval phone or video chat sessions for support, witnessing, clarity and guidance are included in this Shamanic Arts Intensive.  

*The duration of this program is 6 months to a one year maximum designed for you to follow your own intuitive pace. * 

I recommend this Shamanic Art Intensive for working with longstanding issues, healing and transforming chronic life patterns and creating expansion in awareness and creative embodiment.  

Refer to the Chakra BodyMap Journey page for more info on the Soul Art Journey process.

Contact me for an intake session to see if the Soul Art® Chakras ~ Journey Intensive is a journey you wish to make.

  This offering is intended for people at a distance.  If you would like an in person intensive please contact me to customize your shamanic creative intensive. My email is listed at the bottom of my Welcome page.