I create Soul Art® for Healing and Transformation on your behalf.  It’s a long distance shamanic healing, soul remembering and Soul Art journey woven together with a piece of original shamanic art for you to have when the healing ceremony is complete.  

I use the alchemy of encaustic wax painting to seep into the wood panel substrate, further weaving your intentions deep into the art with elements of fire, and earth, beeswax and Sacred Song.  

Third Eye Soul Art Healing

Soul Art® is a process designed to access the inner wisdom of your soul’s medicine and bring it forth for your desired intentions.  We collaborate in the process with your blueprint and intention, with my intention to hold creative soul space for you acting as a medium for the healing process.

In Soul Remembering, I journey for you and bring forward to the art, symbols and energy that are the blessings of your soul’s incarnating blue print.  They are inscribed and woven into the wax painting along with your intentions.

We have a consultation to set intentions and prepare for the healing ceremony.  This can be done by phone, video chat, email or in person.

The samples below are Shamanic Soul Art Healings that I have done on behalf of myself and others.

I offer a variety of sizes of healing artworks:  12×12 and 8×8.  Custom sizing also available.


*New offering!

Power Animal Retrieval / Spirit Guide Masks in Shamanic Healing Art.  

In Custom sizes, mixed media and encaustic wax on wood panel.  

Ceremonial Shamanic Journeys and Mask making sessions lay the foundation for your Shamanic Healing Journey.

I use my skills and talents as a psychic medium, shamanic artist and shamanic healer to bring forward a healing gift with the assistance of your spirit guide or power animal.  The Shamanic Art of power retrieval has deeply profound transformative qualities for those who are seeking healing and spiritual empowerment.


Spirit Guide Healing Art



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Soul Art Encaustic 2


Soul Art Healing Journey

soul remembering soul art

tauroid Soul Art healing