Shamanic Art Intensives are an in depth journey with your Soul’s Creative Medicine and unique voice.   



In a Shamanic Art Intensive we open the doors and remember the pathways that our creative spirit likes to travel.  By listening to the wisdom of our bodies and our hearts, trusting the guidance that arises within, we hear the directions that our Soul wants to follow.


Art Intensives


We create art to explore your relationship with your true self, the wise creator within.

We journey into the body, to the ancestors, to the Earth, the chakras, to your wise council of guides.

You have a deep well of internal knowing that informs you everyday of who you are and what you need.  In these creative intensives you will strengthen your connection with this inner wisdom so it is completely recognizable and always available.



Shamanic  Art Intensives are offered as a long distance discovery experience. They can also be crafted into an in-person experience if you are local to me.  Click the links below for more in depth description of  each creative journey:


Journey to the Mask ~   is a  guided shamanic art exploration into identity, and personal power.  This Journey culminates in a Power Ceremony of your creation.

Soul Art® Shamanic Body Map Journey ~  8 weeks of guided Soul Art® exploring your body and soul wisdom, expressing your unique medicine, message and voice.  

Soul Art® Chakra Body Map Journey ~  The Chakra BodyMap Intensive is a  guided Soul Art®  Body Map journey into your chakras.  We engage the wisdom and guidance of your body and Soul, through the lenses of the chakras to bring healing, transformation, clarity and a new level of energetic expansion into your life.

Soul Art® Chakras Journey Intensive ~  In this intensive we journey extensively into each chakra individually, creating a full body of artwork,  taking your energetic body and creative expression to the next level of your expansion.


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