I’ve been performing healing ceremonies, rites of passage ceremonies, house blessings, celebrations and Divination ceremonies as a participant and guide all throughout my spiritual path and practice.  It is a natural expression of who I am in this life.

Being in Sacred Ceremony is holding a place of honor and sacred witness for all beings.  Ceremony is making space for all that is, to be seen, to be felt, to be inspired.  Through Art, Music and Movement we explore, express and honor life experience, feelings,  and intentions.

Healing happens, revelation happens, acceptance happens, inspiration happens.

If you have interest in honoring special events, expressing and being witnessed in a challenging life experience, or you are seeking healing and inspired direction, a ceremony held on your behalf can be a valuable and nourishing act of care for your body, soul, heart and mind.


I am Celebrating three decades of service to community as a professional healer, reader, musician and artist.

I channel Shamanic Medicine stories through painting, sculpture, encaustic wax art and music. I am a Creative Arts and shamanic healing mentor, and a  Soul Art® certified guide.  




healing tree


“When I felt the need to transform some difficult challenges in my life, I
immediately called Jeanie. From my past work with her, I knew that she
works at the level of Source, creating deep and lasting shifts. Her
grounded, loving energy opened a place of calm and peace within me, allowing
me to reconnect with my own Center. The story dropped away and I was able
to feel my feelings without resistance, finding the wisdom I needed to move
forward. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to live from the inside

J.F.  Seattle, WA


“Jeanie brings experience, sensitivity, and a wonderful sense of what’s next. She listens well and brings her whole self to the circle.”   ~M.L.  Edmonds, WA

Please contact me if you are interested in co-creating a journey into the celebration and honoring of your life experience with a Creative Arts Intensive or Healing Ceremony.