As my Shamanic Reading, Healing and Mentoring practice has now surely shapeshifted into My Shamanic Art  and healing practice, I am offering private sessions again in the Seattle Area.  My emphasis now is more upon using the creative life force we experience in our bodies and through our encounters with Nature to express our fundamental truths creatively.

Support in authentic self expression, focused listening to the messages of body, heart and soul offers a clear path to deep understanding of the self, inner calm and profound joy.

Reflect on your true self with painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, drumming, photography.  Tell the true stories of you from a wordless place.

For Spring I am beginning a series of Creative Arts Circles to uplift, support, and follow the mystery of the creative process.  The intention to connect more deeply with intuitive expression, and celebrate creativity, is a powerful doorway to living profoundly in harmony with all beings.

I hope you will join me in a circle or explore some creative one on one time in a series of Creative Mentoring sessions.


Re Opening my Shamanic Practice in Seattle

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