Singing My Soul Home ~ Digital Download

Singing My Soul Home ~ Digital Download

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digital version

16 Ballads of loving Earth Ceremony.  This is the Digital Download version.  Just moments away.

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Singing My Soul Home ~ Track List

1. Dreaming Universe (1:18)
2. Round & Round (1:21)
3. For your Song (Calling) (1:00)
4. I Feel You (2:14)

5. Be (Free) (1:59)

6. Sticks & Stones & Bones (1:06)
7. Elementals (2:56)
8. Return to Me (2:18)
9. God (dess) in Me (2:09)
10. For My Sadness (1:09)
11. Listen to the Earth (2:59)
12. Heart Be Healed (1:22)
13. Goddess Woman Tree (1:50)
14. Journey Lullaby (1:29)
15. Medicine Way (1:49)
16. Sacred Circle (2:04)

All songs written, performed and produced by Jean Anthony
With the exception of lyrics by Serge King on “Be (Free)”

Lyrics used by permission © 1990 Serge Kahili King
© 2006 Journey Home Records All rights reserved.

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2 reviews for Singing My Soul Home ~ Digital Download

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jean Anthony (verified owner)

    Review: Singing My Soul Home

    “Jean Anthony is a bard in her own right with her open-hearted song-making and the power that pours through her when she sings.

    Her music has an earnestness that finds its way to your heart like the gentle arrow of the bird’s flight to rest and blossom in one’s home.

    She has two CD’s to date, the first, Singing My Soul Home is filled with short and powerful chants that can be used in circles, ceremonies or held to chest, to be released on a long walk along the coastal sound.

    Her second CD [Return To Me] continues in this way, adding a 20 minute drum section with callback to be used for journeying.”

    Tasara ~ Spiderlinks Newsletter August 2007

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jean Anthony (verified owner)

    “I listened to your CD on my walk yesterday. Wow. I am wowed. First of all, if this is even possible, your voice is stronger and more focused than back in the day [when we performed together]. In the interim I went and got a master’s in voice performance and spent some time teaching, so I know what goes into a terrific voice, and that would be yours! And you sounded great BEFORE. Especially, now, on the bluesy melodies, something really dark and splendid comes out of your sound then. And to do that whole album almost all a cappella! Most singers couldn’t handle that, but you really pull it off. There’s so much drive in your sound, it’s like nobody could turn away from your voice. Now that’s a gift. And I loved the words and melodies. You have a way with melody where the song sounds so natural and right for the words that it almost seems familiar, I’m humming it right away. Most people never get the hang of that kind of composing. You’re on to something great.”

    ~Skye San Francisco, CA

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