I wait for the good weather to come to the PNW before I make my encaustic art.  Mostly because there’s not a suitable space inside our house for me to stretch out and turn up the torch.  And that’s okay because we are having a beautiful spring with plenty of warm sunshine and breezes to move the fumes up and away while I am working (playing) in the yard.

The art class I chose for this spring/summer is taught by Stephanie Hargrave a local Seattle encaustic artist and teacher.  Through Carla Sonheim’s Silly-U we are learning “Intro to Encaustic Painting.”   I’m really enjoying the layout of this course as we are receiving 4 weeks of information spread out over nine weeks so there is plenty of time for practice and absorbing all of the material.

wax set up porch

So while I was playing in the Mother’s Day sun this past weekend, I explored simple exercises with layering base medium and observing the behavior of one opaque and saturated (full strength) color of wax paint.

wax outdoors

But, I could not resist the lure to move ahead and blend more colors and natural objects from my surroundings.

Cedar and Sage on panel resized

I created this mesmerizing piece I am calling “Cedar and Sage.”  I am loving the feel and the flow of natural waxes and resins, blended with color and the natural textures of the Earth elements.  Perhaps over the Summer I will create an entire body of work expressing this dance that I love with Nature and Encaustic Wax.



close up cedarsagewax


Making Wax while the Sun Shines

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  1. Sue

    These pieces you created are lovely. Were you worried about the dried leaves catching on fire as you melted the was around it? I would love to try this out as well. I have enjoyed the class so far and I’m looking forward to learning more.

  2. Kim

    I love the natural inclusions in your work! That’s gorgeous! I also really like the sound of the class–I like the idea of stretching it out over a longer time so you can really sink into the work. It looks like lots of fun, too. Have a great time with it!

  3. Lisa

    I just love love love that you are playing with wax…and even more so, incorporating natural elements! EEE! My waxes sit downstairs, untouched for quite awhile I must admit. But those textures, those colors you used…how they call to me. Absolutely lovely.

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