Mask Intensive


Journey to the Mask is a guided shamanic art journey to explore your strengths, your relationships with allies and ancestors,  to step forward into your vision of who you are in your fully expressed personal and creative power.

With meditation, shamanic journey and Nature immersion, we will gather the elements for your creative mask expression.  Journey with your Spirit Ancestors to claim the stories of your power and unique gifts.   You will create a mask to express the reflections of your journey into Ancestor Art.

We will use elements of personal nature questing along with shamanic ceremony to honor and express the uniqueness of your Ancestral Lineage in Journey to the Mask.


Facets of this art journey intensive are:

  • Independent Shamanic journeying
  •  Nature Immersion, Ceremonial questing
  • Create a reflective journal and Mask of Power. 
  • Supported Witnessing /Mentoring by phone or video chat at specific intervals throughout your process.
  • Gathering/Harvesting Insights
  • Create a rites of passage ceremony to honor your journey


If you would like to do this Art Journey intensive in person, please contact me for options.  Prior experience with Shamanic Journeying recommended.  Shamanic Journey Coaching can be arranged.

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