Since I finished my Level 2 Certification with the Chakras in Soul Art®, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the changes and rememberings that have occurred in my dreaming body and my physical body.  I have landed within.  The beginning of this Soul Art Chakra journey coincided with my 1000 days journey that I have been blogging about over on Soul’s  My intention was for a homecoming, a weaving, a healing for my body and soul.

Not only has the process been deeply transformative and nurturing, it has been fun and wildly creative.

I dove head on into this journey.  Crafting masks, encaustic wax, acrylic painting all through the lenses of each chakra in my Earth body and etheric body.  I opened and expanded, reflected and expressed hidden truths and old memories, allowing my self to move to another higher, more fully expressed incarnation of me.

My creative intuitive channels have widened and evolved.  One of the gifts I received was to remember my Nordic Ancestry, far back into my roots as a seer and healer, a wise woman of the Stone Circles.  I am grateful for all of the wisdom and insight that is flowing through, for the celebration and honoring of this sacred transformative art form that is Soul Art®.

This piece has many layers of wax and color, and ink inscription beneath of my of heartfelt commitment to my lineage and my relationship with earth. It is one of my favorites. I return to it often and gather more insights from its smooth waxy surface.

I found my path and lineage through the foot chakra.  I come from a long line of seers, artisans and healers.  I connect with my ancestors who lived in the deep forests and traveled the oceans.  My foot chakra says to me:

“There is no Perfect. There is only Real.  Life is Magic.  Let the Divine Plan be your Plan.  Alchemy is a genuine process.  there is Magic happening underneath even if you can’t see it, it is still there holding space for you.  Beauty is everywhere.  Your intentions have power. You are always connected to Love.  Your place to grow is Earth.  You walk between realities.  Life is a timeless blend of Old and New, always evolving.  The new contains the old.  Your journey is just beginning.  Reaching through the worlds is your Medicine.”

soul remembering soul art

“I feel purposeful in my body.”
“When I’m out walking now I look up and around instead of at my feet.  Because I can feel my feet connecting to Earth, I trust my steps.”

“I claim my path as a seer, shamanic artist, and healing channel.”



Making my Root Chakra Soul Art for my Soul Art Certification was a deeply moving experience for me, connecting to my lineage, my roots, my own earth rhythms. I remembered some important truths during this body and soul exploration.  Feeling the layers go down upon my face and seeing my ancestors looking back at me was inspiring and soul shifting.

My Root Chakra says to me: “I am a healer. I hold space in the world for transformation and deep expression. The wise body is connected and knows belonging. I belong to Earth. I belong to Life. Ground your shadow in the Earth. Lay down the burdens of others, carry only you. And even then, lay down your burdens and let the Goddess carry you.”

profile root chakra








I am hearing more clearly the voices that support me in living my Original Medicine.  I have come here to this beautiful green planet to speak creatively for the Divine Spirit that lives within The Ancestral Earth and the beings that reside here.  My art is a multidimensional prayer and honoring of Love and Ancestry, the spiritual way of the Earth and Star Shamans.
I am bringing Soul Art® more fully into my Shamanic Art Instensive practice.  The offerings are widening and deepening to support more of my truth as a healer and guide in the creative shamanic arts.

This summer I am guiding Chakra Intensives for those who want to heal, expand and realign with their essential truths.  Experience the Medicine of Chakra Soul Art with a full bodymap journey or dive decadently into each chakra one at a time for a deep shift in body and soul awareness.

Insights from The Root Chakra and Foot Chakra

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  1. Kim

    Hearing about your journey really stirs my soul and makes me long for journeys of my own. I loved the line “I have landed within.” So powerful.

    Also, I adore the piece with the sneakers and footprints. Wonderful!

  2. Allurynn

    Following your journey has been so beautiful and powerful. This totally speaks to me, especially…”There is Magic happening underneath even if you can’t see it, it is still there holding space for you.”…powerful! In my own healing journey and co-creative coaching practice, I hold Sacred Space for myself and others, an Alchemical Healing Channel like you. You speak to my soul ❤︎ PS…my personal email has been MagickHapns for over a decade now

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