Dance Into Autumn  Jean Anthony 2011

Dance Into Autumn
Jean Anthony 2011


Back in the Summer of 2012 over a turkey sandwich and a cold cup of coffee, I spent the afternoon musing with my artist colleague and friend Deborah J Milton about the creative beauty of performance art, music and intuitive painting live on stage.  We talked about how the Spirit of Life and Art merged in live performance — and how exciting it would be to create and participate in an adventure such as this…..

So for my first steps in that direction, I imagined some of my artist friends, painting intuitively while engaging with my music, an interpretive dance as it were.  Since I love all things intuitive and experiencing the magic of the creative process, I dreamed of the weaving of our love for the Earth, Trees, and spontaneous intuitive art making.  I put out a call for participation and this is what we created:

Goddess Woman Tree ~ A Tribute

Goddess Woman Tree (Revised Edition) from Jeanie Anthony on Vimeo.

Even though the process took many turns and I put production of the video project on hold for 18 months, what has emerged contains the heart of my life mission:  The beautiful marriage of Art and Spirit, expressing the soulful creative desire and Love for the Earth and all her beings.


These wild and soulful artists shared from their hearts, the place where the Goddess Woman Tree lives within them.

Jennifer Bond

Melissa Dowling

Cynthia Lee

Moondancer (Heidi Sequoia)

Natasha White

Hali Karla

Jo Parker

Jennifer McGee

Deborah J Milton

Goddess Woman Tree ~ A tribute

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  1. Indigene

    What a beautiful tribute to art and nature! Wow, you have such a beautiful and pure voice. I see the trees bending to listen and rock along with you in song and dance. This was beautifully amazing!

  2. Deborah J Milton

    Jeanie, I am so honored to be included in your post. I remember our conversation well and the excitement it inspired in me then and still does. Making music, art and sharing true storytelling – good medicine for us awakening souls. thank you and may there be many more of y(our) co-creative gifts coming through and breaking forth.

  3. Melissa Dowling

    Jeanie, I am soooooo honoured to be a part of this amazing project. Thanks you for allowing me to contribute and share in this truly inspiring project. You are such an inspiration in my life, how can I not be touched by your soulful music? xx

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