My home is in the mountains of the North Cascades. 

The Nature Spirits here are holding me gently as I am remembered to the grace of a morning dancing Eagle pair, Salmon returning upstream within the sacred earth of my stewardship, and the serenades of Owl, Hawk and Raven with the setting of the Sun. 

The stars are proving that beauty is a timeless mirror, while Cedar, Fir and Maple stand dark against the sky. 

The Mountain Allies are giving strong voice to my story as a Sacred Oracle nestled in the Forest of an ancient dreaming land.

Cascade Mountains


I am a Shamanic Ceremonial Artist, Dreamer and Storymaker.

I share the stories of the Spirits of Ancestral Earth.  Art and Music are my natural mediums.  


I facilitate shamanic journeys in the Creative Arts.  

I offer reading and healing consultations via Skype, email, telephone or in person.

Contact me by email:  jeaniesings(at)gmail(dot)com